Sugar Baby Sugar Scrub

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Designed to softly exfoliate the body to remove dead skin. With added notes of lemon. hibiscus, and rose! To rose the body while leaving your skin glowing

We can't rave enough about how amazing our Sugar Scrubs are! The "Sugar Baby" body scrub exfoliates your body while gently removing dead skin. Guaranteed to leave your skin with a radiant glow!

Made with 100% Fresh Organic Hibiscus Flowers & Lemon.

Healing Purpose:

Bring Love into your life. Hibiscus is known for its magickal properties in Divination, Love, and Passion. Use in the shower & repeat specific intentions for the Love & Passion you want to attract.


Love, Cane Sugar, Lemon, Lavender, Hibiscus, Rose, and Olive Oil. Roschip Oil, Sodium, D