"The melody of healing echoes throughout SoulfulofNoise. For though the music may be sweet, it is but a vessel for the true purpose of our existence'.  Dr. Chris Black, a dedicated counselor and CFO of SoulfulofNoise, bears witness to this truth.

Success, it is not a gift bestowed at birth. Nay, it is a path forged through the sweat of one's labor. As you journey through this life, both personally and professionally, ponder on the reasons why taking action is crucial for the attainment of your dreams.

But heed this warning, before embarkin' on this journey of action, understand its threefold nature.

To take action is to move with intention towards a desired outcome. Each step taken is but a means to an end. But do not fixate on the destination, instead ask yourself, “What does this make possible?” Obstacles and detours will surely arise, but do not let them be your focus. For you were created for more, and so you must be willing to go the extra mile.

The failure to take action can stem from many sources, chief among them, the failures of the past. But see in them a lesson, a stepping stone on the path to success. For in stretching yourself beyond what you can see, you build trust in yourself and seize the opportunities of the present.

“Failure is but a trial run to the success of the greatest of these, your journey.”—Kristianne Wargo

To break free from the shackles of mediocrity, one must embrace the power of taking action. For in doing so, we keep moving in the right direction.

Your journey no longer depends on the outcome or the result, but empowers you to tread the trail of hope, even in the darkest of times. And in this, a balance is struck, in accordance with Newton's First Law: an object in motion stays in motion, unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.

Take all the hits that come your way, whether good or bad, for all things resist change. But know that the only change that need happen, is the change within yourself, brought about by taking action."

And should you need guidance and support on this journey, consider booking an appointment with Dr. Chris Black, a skilled and experienced counselor with over two decades of experience. From the struggles of relationships, to the pain of grief, and the burden of stress and anxiety, Dr. Black has the knowledge and compassion to aid you on your path to healing and growth. Contact him today and begin your journey of healing and growth.


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